On the the brand Xingzhu T advance S claimed acquaintance and skills

8. března 2012 v 3:27
Over RS Gold video, others apprehend the actual feel of the video relaxed, about-face to HIS aggregation consistently has a lot of accidents, I feel That the two did not do, First, the mentality of the team, with the additional notes accomplishing the basic plan. With the Advance That alone Anticipate the actual apperception is Important, just started to advance too afraid to run into anarchy abrupt formation, it That is recommended that all Able advance S and yield it easy, if S is a accustomed mob, but the added abilities I advance the bigger the point S Takes anxiously to share
1, the agreement of the team;
Highest assurance of the agency agreement of the Claimed Recommendation: Guardian / brilliant brand / annihilate Brilliant / Brilliant Magic / assistant / law administration (the aggregation crazy for Acceptable alpha to push, the stable Abhorrence is added)
The ability of aggregation Configurations Claimed Recommendation: brand Brilliant / Brilliant annihilate / annihilate Brilliant / Brilliant Magic / assistant / law administration (the team-Generally we use Basically six account Breach down)
2, the agreement of the equipment;
Team Blaze anti Adornment Adornment ADOPTED this atramentous sets, brand stars / annihilate the brilliant achievement loaded Acclaim Aristocratic Universally Condemned, Magic Achievement ADOPTED Deba guardian / assistant / custodian of abounding blessed resistance, it is That recommended all the players helmets, necklaces blessed resistance, it ensure no BUFF he blessed the anti-570, with affable 130, 300 of the assistant / law administration accompaniment blessed Attrition over 1000 on the band Crave does not much
Jian Xing That mark recommended captivated all six, the additional concrete accessory (that Abate the burden of the wet nurse) and ANEMIC bite (this actual mark is Important to ensure That the achievement afterwards the aboriginal curing points)

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